What happens if my student's account runs out of money?

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You many send Cash or Check to school with your student or pay via a Credit Card at the district's Webstore.  When sending Cash or Check, please make sure all monies are in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your student's First Name, Last Name, and Grade.  Make all Checks payable to Cary School District 26.  Have your student place any envelopes in the payment box in their school office.  If a payment box is not provided in your building, the envelopes should be given to their teachers.  All funds received before 9:00AM are placed onto the student's account prior to lunch service.
* If you are sending in monies for more than one student please list their full name, school, and how much you would like placed in each account.
NSF Policy: Please note, there will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.