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8th Grade Dates

Let's set the dates!

8th grade graduation will be on June 2nd, 7pm at Cary-Grove High School. Practice will take place the morning of at CJH. More information to follow.

8th grade dance will be on June 1st, 7pm at CJH. Students are required to be in school for the full day on the 1st in order to attend the dance.

Dress code for dance:

  • No shorts or t-shirts. 
  • Dresses must be at least fingertip length. 
  • No midriffs, and front and back of dress cannot be cut below bust line.
  • No cutouts of exposed flesh. IF there are cut outs, they must be covered with mesh.
  • Strapless dresses are acceptable.

Last day of school is June 5th. This is a ½ day with 11:00 a.m. dismissal.