Referendum 2024
  • CARY 26 Capital Improvements TENTATIVE Referendum 2024

    Capital TENTATIVE Referendum Proposal
    In this tentative referendum, we're asking you for your support to provide capital projects that would allow the district to complete its facilities renovations, address safety and security concerns at each facility, and allow for the district to adhere to a capital improvement plan. All of our educational sites would benefit from this referendum.

    A successful referendum this November would allow for the District to provide the following critical improvements, while still providing property tax relief.

        1. Safety and security improvements/upgrades at all district facilities
        2. Complete renovations at Deer Path and Cary Junior High
        3. Complete outstanding projects at Oak Knoll, Briargate and Three Oaks
       4. Lower property taxes

    Cary 26 Strategic Plan: Goal Five > Fiscal Responsibility
    Align resources to District Priorities to provide support and add value for students, staff and the community.
    - Maintain a balanced budget
    - Deliberately budget for recruiting and retaining exceptional staff in a highly competitive market
    - Create a proactive capital improvement plan that addresses current needs and financially prepares for the future building needs

    Important Documents (will be updated)
    Five Year Financial Projections, Fiscal Years 2025-2029. Potential Referendum 2024 (April 22, 2024)
    PMA Referendum Discussion (March 18, 2024)
    Future Revenue Discussion (February 26, 2024)