• Students have access to an online platform, ALEKS. ALEKS is an adaptive math program that provides each student with a personalized learning path. Using engaging answer tools, immediate feedback, and automatic assessments, ALEKS helps students review and master the skills needed to be successful in their math class.  

    If your student has not used ALEKS this school year, when they login, they will be asked to take an initial assessment (called an “Initial Knowledge Check”) that will determine what he or she already knows and doesn’t know in the course assigned to your student. Once the initial assessment is complete, your child is ready to start learning new topics and address any learning gaps identified. You can have them log in to ALEKS at home by visiting

    If your student does not know their login information, please email to receive this information. 

    Here’s what you’ll see when your student logs into the program: 

    ALEKS Pie: The Pie provides a snapshot of your student’s current progress in the course. The dark portion is what your student has already learned, while the light gray portion is what he or she has left to learn. Your student will click on a pie slice to see the number of topics mastered and ready to learn next. 

    ALEKS Timeline: The Timelines provide a snapshot of our student’s progress toward learning goals. To continue learning, your student will click on “Continue My Path”. 

    Language Toggle: Your student can toggle between English and Spanish translations of the content and interface with a click of a button. To enable this option, click “Settings” under the “Hi!” menu. 

    Worksheet: Clicking on the “Worksheet” button will generate a personalized worksheet that your student can print out for offline practice. This is found under the Main Menu icon (). 

    Finally, here are some tips for making the most of the at-home learning experience:

    1. Make sure your child has paper and a pencil available to work out a problem. Do not allow them to use a calculator unless it is provided within the program for a specific problem, or I have given permission. Please feel free to check with me!
    2. Please discourage your student from using external help, such as the Internet or a family member providing them with answers. They will get the most benefit from working through the problems on their own!