Demolition & Abatement Schedule

  • Project Schedule (Demolition and Abatement)*

    1. Maplewood Building Abatement Prep: March 4-8 (dates flexible)
    2. UST Removal (One Week): April 1-5
    3. Abatement (Three Weeks): April 1-19
    4. Building Demolition (Six Weeks)
      1. Concessions Building / Storage Building: (One Week) April 22-26 (latest dates)
      2. Transportation Building (One Week): April 22-26 (latest dates)
      3. Maplewood School (Five Weeks): April 22-May 24
    5. New Construction of Transportation Facility: April 29 (Pending Village of Cary ZBA and Stormwater Permit).

    *This is the Tentative Schedule that will be updated as needed

    Update - May 29, 2024
    The District continues to work on the Maplewood property, preparing it for future demolition. The abatement of the facility is just about complete, and the defunct playground equipment has been removed. The District will be working with the demolition contractor to remove the concession stand. This structure would lack utility connections once the Maplewood structure is demolished and was originally scheduled to be removed in order to accommodate our transportation center. This work should be completed in the next few weeks. Due to the continued deterioration of the Maplewood facility, the temporary fencing will remain in place until demolition can occur. The District continues to explore options available for the overall improvement of the property.

    Update - May 20, 2024 

    The Village Board of Trustees voted affirmed their vote against the zoning relief proposed by the District to allow the construction of our Transportation Center at the Maplewood property at their May 7th meeting.  As a result the District is evaluating options to improve the conditions at our current site.  We are looking at acquiring a new larger trailer to accommodate our Transportation Office/Staff trainings, re-siding and replacing the roof on our garage, re-paving the transportation lot, and exploring the possibility of creating a direct utility connection to the site. 

    These improvements will take time, as a trailer will have to be constructed, and the many contractors are already booked for the summer and fall months.  We will move as expeditiously as possible and will provide updates throughout the process. 
    There is still some work occurring on the property.  The demolition contractor is removing the old playground equipment and continues to prepare the building for eventual demolition. The playground equipment being removed was not repairable and considered a liability. 
    Future updates will be provided as they become available.

    Update - April 23, 2024 - Response to Village action on proposed Zoning relief
    Planning for the demolition of the current structures on the Maplewood Property and the construction of a new transportation center began over a year ago.  Throughout the planning process the District kept an open line of communication with the Village of Cary to ensure that all options for the property were evaluated.  During the summer of 2023 it was communicated that the District would retain ownership of the property and move ahead with construction.   Even as planning of the new transportation facility were well underway, the District remained in discussions with the village about possible alternatives as late as October of 2023.  At the end of the day, an agreement could be not be reached, and the District had an obligation to do what is best for its students, staff, and community.

    Our plans to demolish Maplewood School and construct a new transportation center would have substantially improved the property, while at the same time retaining property that could be used for other purposes in the future.   The District knew we would need to follow the proper zoning processes and worked with Village Staff to develop a plan that would meet all the requirements necessary for zoning approval.  We minimized the amount of variances we proposed, and despite our petition being denied by the Zoning, Planning, and Appeals Board, we continued collaborating with village staff on a plan that would meet requirements.  Despite these efforts the Village Board denied our petition at their April 16th meeting citing only that our plan was not the best use for the property and that more time is needed for collaboration.  Just as a reminder, Maplewood School has been vacant since 2010, and there have been multiple sales contracts that have been in place over the years.  The District will pivot now to working with our construction/demolition contractor to terminate our agreements and create new plans for the site.  The District will need to go back out for construction/demolition services if and when future construction is able to proceed.  This will inevitably have a significant financial impact as the total cost of the project had come in significantly lower than originally projected. 

    Administration is disappointed in the decision by the village board to deny our petition and effectively placing a permanent hold on the improvement of the property.  We are exploring options for improving conditions at our transportation facility both short and long term.  Maplewood School stands ready to be demolished, however it will need to remain standing due to utility issues until future construction is able to proceed   

    As we move forward, it is important to note and reaffirm administrations belief that the District should continue to retain the entire Maplewood Property and as the property owner will do what is deemed in the best interest of our students, staff, and community that we serve.    This property is one of the few remaining parcels of land available that could accommodate future education facilities, in addition to our transportation center.  While it is true that our enrollment has remained flat over the years and is projected to continue to do so, the educational model by which our students learn has changed dramatically over the years.  This has led to smaller class sizes, more specialized instruction, and various educational programming, all of which take up space in our facilities.  Our facilities are full and all available space is being utilized.  We have aging facilities that were designed for another educational era.  It is not out of the question that the district may be faced with a situation that a new facility is needed.   The Maplewood property provides the District with that opportunity.

    The district will continue to evaluate options available to us in regards to how we move forward.  Updates to the community on our plans will continue to be provided and the District looks forward to continuing to be good neighbors in the Maplewood Neighborhood for many years to come.

    Update – March 22, 2024
    The District received communication from the Village of Cary that the Zoning recommendation for the Maplewood Property made by the Zoning, Planning, and Appeals Board will be reviewed on April 16th.   If the Village of Cary approves our request, the matter would be referred back to the ZPA for consideration of our variance requests.  Full resolution to this matter may not happen until late May, thus substantially impacting our construction timeline.    The District continues to work vigilantly and in collaboration with the Village to see if this can be resolved in an expedited fashion.  Further updates will be published as they become available.

    Update – March 21, 2024
    In order to move forward with the demolition of Maplewood School and the construction of our new transportation facility, the District needed to seek zoning changes to be compliant with village code. Work on our application began in December and was  based on input received from village staff, who reviewed our plans for the site. Our application was considered at the Zoning, Planning, and Appeals Board at their March 14th meeting. Unfortunately, the ZPA recommended the Village Board not approve our request for zoning relief. The Village Board is scheduled to take action on our application at their April 2nd meeting. This unfortunately places an indefinite pause on both the demolition of Maplewood School and construction of the transportation facility.  The District remains hopeful that it will receive approval for its zoning application on April 2nd, allowing the process to continue to move forward. The timeline below will be updated as new information is made available.