Board of Education

  • On January 28, 2013, the Cary School District 26 Board of Education unanimously approved a new Mission, Vision, and Goals for the School District that will help guide us through the next five years. The Strategic Plan was developed by the District’s Steering Committee that was composed of a diverse group of stakeholders. This Strategic Plan includes a new mission, targeted vision statements focused on student learning, and collective commitments from stakeholders to support this new mission and vision for District 26.
    With your support, our hope is that this new mission and vision will guide our decision-making processes and become an integral part of the District 26 community and culture. It was a valuable and powerful process in which people with an invested interest in District 26 came together to forge a new direction. The commitment from the Cary 26 community towards providing excellence in education for all children will continue to be the driving force behind this plan and future decisions. We will continue to work together as a community to provide a sound educational foundation that supports and inspires all students to reach their full academic potential. 

    Additional Representative Appointments:
    Curriculum Chair: Julie Jette 
    Finance Chair:  Jason Janczak 
    Policy Chair: Kathryn Potter 
    Board Insurance Committee:
    Melinda Hartman, Stacey Sault
    Board Legislative Liaison: Deanna Darling, Kathryn Potter  
    Community Engagement/Planning Committee: Deanna Darling, Stacey Sault  
    D26 Technology Committee: Anne Santucci
    Ethics Commission: 
    Deanna Darling, Kathryn Potter, Brian DeRoo