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    This is a site dedicated to helping anticipate and address common middle school issues. 
    Please read through with your student and partner with us to assist your child being the most successful student they can become!

    New Help Service Available to Students - Text-a-Tip

    Operating 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, the system will allow community members to send an anonymous text message to a dedicated number and receive an immediate response from a licensed mental health professional.  The person sending the text message will be able to hold a conversation with the respondent while remaining completely anonymous during the process.  Persons wishing to share a concern about himself or herself or someone else will be able to do so, and receive help, while maintaining anonymity.
    Anyone wishing to use the system should simply text the phrase MCHELP” to 274637 and they will receive an immediate text from a trained, professional counselor. 
    As you know, the McHenry County Community Foundation is deeply committed to the success of the Text A Tip program. 
    Recently the foundation hired an outside marketing firm to create a video to raise awareness of the program and they've asked us to share it with all McHenry County middle and high school students. To view, click HERE
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