• The Board of Education is required by State Law to transport all pupils to school who live more than 1 1/2 miles from school. District 26 must transport approximately 65% of the pupils enrolled. Because of this requirement, our transportation system has become quite complex and we request your patience during the first few days of school in working out any problems. Students are limited to riding only the school bus that serves their legal residence. They may go to another residence on their assigned bus route with permission from their parents. Those parents with "child care" arrangements outside of the regular transportation route on which they live must provide their own transportation. This applies only to those students eligible for transportation. Transportation is provided only for those students eligible from their legal residence to their assigned school. It is crucial that we establish a set of rules for bus riders. The Board of Education has adopted instructions and rules for all pupils who ride buses.
    Students who misconduct themselves on a school bus may be suspended from riding the school bus.
    If you have any questions, our Transportation Department can be reached at 224-357-5130.