Vision, Mission & Beliefs

  • Vision

    The vision of the District 26 EL program is to foster English Language development and academic achievement.


    Cary EL students will become self-sufficient life-long learners

    We believe...

    • Students will become proficient in English through native language support
    • We share the responsibility of ensuring that second language learners develop linguistic and academic skills to become productive members of society
    • Every student has potential to learn and deserves the best education that can be provided
    • EL students will receive appropriate support with the EL teacher
    • It is important to respect and enhance individual cultures of all second language learners
    • Our school community should be educated about effective pedagogy regarding second language learners
    • EL students will be held accountable within their language proficiency
    • Teachers will have high, yet realistic expectations
    • The educating of EL students is the responsibility of the entire school community
    • EL’s will be taught through grade appropriate curriculum
    • Parent involvement and support is a major factor in student success
    • Parents of EL students will be provided opportunities to be informed about their child’s education

    English Learning (EL) Programs

    • Bilingual Parent Advisory Council (BPAC)
    • Plan Bilingual Parent Workshops
    • Hold monthly articulation meetings with EL Teachers
    • Assessment for English Learning Program and English Learners
    • WIDA™ and W-APT™ Screeners are administered to K-8 students to determine EL placement in the program.  This assessment tool is used by Educators to measure the English Language proficiency of students who have recently arrived in the United States or new to the district.
    • ACCESS for ELs® is a standard based state mandated annual assessment designed to measure English Learners' social and academic proficiency in English.  It assesses social and instructional English as well as the language associated with language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies within the school context across the four language domains.


    • TPI Bilingual Grant  (Transitional Program of Instruction - EL Program)
    • TBE Bilingual Grant (Transitional Bilingual Education - EL Program)
    • Title III – LIPLEPS (Language Instruction Educational Program for Limited English Proficient Students)

    District 26 EL Program Belief Statements Were Generated By The English Language Learners Task Force.