Specialized Resource Services

  • Program Description
    Specialized Resource services have been developed in order to support the growing number of students in District 26 requiring specialized support services. Specialized resource services are designed to support students in grades 1-8 with a variety of academic and case management needs who have not met with success in a traditional resource model. Students requiring this level of support are students who typically are two years below grade level in language arts and/or math, are in the lower percentiles on academic testing, require specialized case management, or have not demonstrated expected progress in a traditional resource model.

    The special education teacher provides the intensive instruction in the necessary curricular areas as well as supervises the inclusive program that each student participates in. Most students in the program require intensive, individual or small group instruction in reading, writing and/or math. Students are generally two years below average for their grade level, or in the lower percentiles academically in language arts or math. Curriculum is based on the state standards and is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child.

    Case Management
    Some students require more intensive services due to reasons other than academics. For example, students requiring extensive adaptations to the classroom environment or who need specific non-academic support strategies that cannot be provided without specialized case management would be considered for specialized resource services.

    The goal of specialized resource services is for students to participate in the general academic setting as much as possible. In grades 1-5, students are assigned a home room class. They participate in morning activities, science, social studies, lunch, recess and specials with their grade level peers. In grades 6-8, students follow a junior high schedule with each specific class being determined by their individual needs. In all grades, the level of inclusion varies for each student, depending on their specific needs.

    Additional Content Area Instruction
    For a very small percentage of students, small group, intensive instruction in other content areas may be necessary and can be provided through the specialized resource model. In these less common instances, services will be determined by the IEP team. How students are placed in specialized resources classes

    If a Team is considering adding specialized resources, a specialized resource teacher works with the IEP Team to review the student’s current IEP and assessment data. The entrance criteria for the program are reviewed and considered in light of the student’s needs. An observation of the student is scheduled, and the IEP team meets to determine what specialized resource supports may be required.