About Organic Life

  • At OrganicLife, we are proud to provide exceptional food services and facilities management for school and corporate cafeterias throughout the greater Chicagoland area. "Organic" is not a catchword used to garner attention; it is the true linguistic representation of our company at both a culinary level and at a business level. We do not believe in the use of artificial additives in our food, and we do not believe in functioning as a business under any artificial pretenses. We stand by an unwavering commitment to excellence in all facets of our company, which is why the word organic is both our product and our name.

    We believe that it's never too early to instill good eating habits in our kids, and school lunch is just the place to start. Sick of seeing students eating processed, often times unrecognizable lunches, we aim to focus on all things good-whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and proper balance. We cook the traditional, classic foods, but we make them better-better quality, better tasting, better for you. It may just be school lunch to some, but to us it is the most important hour in a child's daily life.

    To learn more visit us online at www.organiclifeonline.com