Dual Language Program

  •  The Cary School District 26 Dual Language Program is an optional program for incoming kindergarten students for the school year. A dual language program provides instruction through two languages with the goal of promoting full proficiency in oral and written aspects of both languages, along with cross cultural understanding and high levels of academic achievement. Students develop strong literacy in both Spanish and English making them bilingual and bi-literate. 

    Classrooms are generally comprised of 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers. The ratio enables students to be language models for each other.
    Cary District 26 will provides a 50/50 dual language model. In the 50/50 model, students will receive 50% of their instruction in Spanish and 50% in English.  The class will be made up of 50% native Spanish speakers and 50% native English speakers.






  • For all Dual Language
    questions please contact the
    Curriculum and Instruction
    Department at 224-357-5100