Collective Commitments to the Mission and Vision

  • Collective Commitments for the Board of Education

    The Cary District 26 School Board is committed to fulfilling the Mission and Vision of the District. To do so, the Board of Education will: 

    • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility in district decisions.
    • Integrate the Mission and Vision into our decision making process.
    • Foster positive relationships with all personnel.
    • Develop and implement programs and policies that will enhance learning opportunities for all students.
    • Use data in our decision making process.
    • Provide opportunities for community input in district decision making.
    • Encourage and celebrate achievements that support our Mission and Vision.
    • Demonstrate a work ethic that reflects the importance of our Mission and Vision.

    Collective Commitments for Administrative Leadership Team

    The Administrative Leadership Team of District 26 includes district and building level administrators. The Administrative Leadership Team is committed to fulfilling the District Mission and Vision. To do so, the Administrative Leadership Team will:

    • Hold high expectations for student achievement.
    • Facilitate the development of curricular and extra-curricular programs that improve student academics and provide an enriching school experience.
    • Make decisions that are data driven, proven best practice, and demonstrate fiscal responsibility.
    • Foster a collaborative culture focused on continuous improvement for everyone.
    • Recruit and retain highly qualified personnel who reflect the diversity of our community and embrace our Vision.
    • Establish opportunities for ongoing professional development and growth of all personnel.
    • Model, acknowledge, and celebrate behaviors that are consistent with our Vision and address those that are not.
    • Encourage informed communication and purposeful involvement of home, school, and community.
    • Maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

    Collective Commitments for Certified Staff

    As certified staff, we will support the district Mission and Vision of District 26. To do so, the certified staff will:

    • Hold high expectations for student achievement.
    • Provide opportunities for students to develop academic and life skills necessary to make responsible choices, develop independence, and act respectfully and collaboratively.
    • Use a variety of balanced assessments to guide instructional design and to monitor students’ progress towards intended curricular outcomes.
    • Engage in lifelong learning and ongoing professional development.
    • Provide a supportive, collaborative atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically, and intellectually safe while acting with integrity, respect, and honesty.
    • Be proactive to collaborate with and involve parents in the education of their children by communicating student progress and providing a support system for students and parents.
    • Communicate with and utilize resources of the community.
    • Be committed to using best practices in education.
    • Conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

    Collective Commitments for Support Staff

    In our varied roles, we will support the District 26 Mission and Vision. To do so, the support staff will:

    • Demonstrate pride and ownership.
    • Model professionalism through:
      • Knowledge and performance of job responsibilities. − Approaching situations with an open mind.
      • Respect for cultural diversity.
      • Fiscal and environmental responsibility.
    • Create an environment that is:
      • Professional.
      • Courteous and welcoming.
      • Positive and supportive.
      • Safe, secure and nurturing.
    • Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with colleagues, parents, students, and the community.
    • Participate in effective and respectful communication while recognizing and honoring confidentiality.
    • Celebrate successes.

    Collective Commitments for Parents

    As parents, we recognize that we have the most significant role in shaping the lives of our children. To do so, the parents of students in District 26 will:

    • Be the primary advocate for our children while not compromising the wellbeing of other students.
    • Set goals for and with our children and follow through on plans to achieve those goals.
    • Provide an environment and time that is conducive to completing classroom assignments.
    • Act as a role model for the behavioral expectations we have established for our children.
    • Participate in student and/or district activities and volunteer our skills for relevant school and/or curriculum needs.
    • Communicate with our children, other parents, and school district personnel effectively by giving and receiving constructive feedback, listening, providing encouragement, and recognizing accomplishments.
    • Instill in our children respect for themselves, teachers, staff, and other students.
    • Set boundaries with specific repercussions for disrespectful or bullying behavior.
    • Help our children overcome adversity encountered with school assignments, in-class behavior, or their relationships with other children.
    • Promote a healthy life-style by modeling and supporting responsible life-style choices, including drug and alcohol avoidance, grooming, healthy eating and exercise.
      Celebrate our children’s successes.

    Collective Commitments for Community Members

    A successful school system is an important element of the community we live in. Community members can contribute to the success of District 26 by supporting its Mission and Vision. To do so, community members will:

    • Participate in school and/or district activities and volunteer our skills for relevant school district or school needs.
    • Vote in the democratic process that funds the school district and elects Board of Education members.
    • Hold district officials accountable for the physical and organizational structure and educational performance of our schools.
    • Communicate perspective, ideas, issues, opportunities, and solutions to the District’s teachers, support staff, administration and/or Board of Education.