Registration Requirements

  • All Kindergarten and New Students are required to provide registration documents.

    In order to be eligible to register, you MUST provide the required documents outlined below at the time of registration to verify residency.
    If ALL documents are not provided, your child(ren) will not be enrolled in District 26. 

    • Original Birth Certificate - NEW STUDENTS ONLY 
      This is the only record that will be accepted to verify a student’s date of birth. A hospital record will not be accepted. 

    ONE document from Category I AND TWO documents from Category II

    Category I (ONE document required)
    • Most recent property tax bill
    • Mortgage papers
    • Real Estate Closing Documents (closing within the last 60 days)
    • Signed and dated lease with property owners' phone # listed
    • If lease is not available, a required Affidavit form "Letter of Residence from Property Owner in Lieu of Lease" must be signed, dated and NOTARIZED from property owner


    Category II (TWO documents required):
    • Driver's License or Vehicle Registration
    • Mail received at new residence (credit card bill, car insurance, etc.)  GENERIC MAILINGS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.
    • Voter registration 
    • Current public aid card
    • Most recent gas, electric, cable television and/or water bill
    • Current homeowners/renters insurance policy/premium statement