Panorama - SEL Survey

  • Panorama SEL Survey
    In the fall of 2021, District 26 began using the Panorama survey to better understand student’s experience in our schools. This survey helps teachers, administrators and counselors gauge student growth and understanding around social and emotional competencies, which contribute to academic success and increase engagement in the classroom.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    What program does the district use to teach the Social Emotional Standards?
    In District 26, we use Second Step from the Committee for Children.  The Scope and Sequence of lessons taught throughout the school year can be found here.

    What is Panorama Education?
    Panorama Education partners with K-12 schools and districts across the country to collect and analyze data about social-emotional learning, school climate, family engagement and more. With research-backed surveys and a leading technology platform, Panorama helps educators act on data and improve student outcomes. Panorama supports more than 10 million students in 17,000 schools and 1,500 districts across 49 states. To learn more about Panorama Education, visit

    How does Panorama keep students’ data safe?
    Panorama follows best practices for data privacy and security. The company implements administrative, technical, and physical security controls designed to protect information stored on its servers, which are located in the United States. Panorama does not use student data for purposes other than serving schools and districts and cannot share any education or student information unless authorized by the school or district or under applicable law.

    What kinds of student data does Panorama collect?
    Panorama only collects student data in the course of performing services for the school or district pursuant to a written contract, and Panorama only uses student data for the purpose of serving schools and districts. 

    Does Panorama engage in data mining?
    Panorama’s products enable educators to gain insights from their students’ data in order to better understand and support them. Panorama does not market, sell, or rent any student's personal information. Panorama does not engage in, inform, influence, or enable advertising to students. Panorama does not collect information from students unless performing services for their school or district pursuant to a written contract. Panorama cannot share any student information unless authorized by the school or district or under applicable law.

    Can I choose not to have my student participate?
    Yes, the Panorama SEL surveys are optional. Please reach out to your student’s school principal should you want your student to not participate in the student surveys this school year.

    Can I see the survey my student will be participating in?
    K-2 Teacher Perception Survey

    • Social Awareness:  Question 1
    • Self-Efficacy:  Question 2
    • Classroom Effort:  Question 3
    • Emotion Regulation:  Question 4
    • Engagement:  Question 5
    • Grit:  Question 6
    • Self-Management:  Question 7
    • Relationship Skills:  Question 8

    3-5 Student Perception Survey

    • Self-Management: Questions 1-10
    • Emotion Regulation:  Questions 11-15
    • Positive Feelings:  Questions 16-19; 24
    • Challenging Feelings:  Questions 20-23; 25
    • Supportive Relationships:  Questions 26-29
    • Social Awareness:  Question 30
    • Self-efficacy:  Question 31

    6-8 Student Perception Survey

    • Self-Management: Questions 1-10
    • Emotion Regulation:  Questions 11-16
    • Positive Feelings:  Questions 17-21; 27
    • Challenging Feelings:  Questions 22-26; 28
    • Supportive Relationships:  Questions 29-35
    • Grit:  Question 36
    • Self-efficacy:  Question 37

    How are the surveys administered?
    In grades K-2, teachers complete the survey based on their perception of the child.  In grades 3-8, the students complete their survey with the teacher reading aloud the questions and the choices.  

    What does District 26 do with the information provided by the surveys?
    The primary purpose of the survey is to understand students’ perspectives. District leadership, school administrators and staff review the overview data to understand areas of strength and growth opportunities to better serve students and provide targeted student supports.

    How do I read the Student Report?
    You can view a sample student report here.  (This is NOT a real student)  Responses are converted to whole numbers between 1 and 5 and averaged within a topic to produce a mean topic score.  A topic score of 3.5 or higher is considered a strength.